Do you work on more than one computer? Do you find yourself searching for a bookmarked website only to realize that you bookmarked it on your home computer and not your school computer? Have you ever wondered what sites other teachers are using in their classes? If so, you need to get

The website is a “social bookmarking” website that allows one to store and share favorites. When a user bookmarks a site, they are prompted to enter a “tag” for the site. Tags are one word descriptors that are chosen by the user. There’s no limit to the number of tags one can assign to a site. Tags can be modified or deleted at any time.

Not only are tags valuable for organizing bookmarks but they become a collaborative collection when various users use the same tag. The neat thing about tags is that they are personal — there are no wrong tags.

The Wikipedia article,, provides further information about the site. For those needing help understanding tags, check out the del.ici.ous help page


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