Is Your Computer a Zombie?

Does your computer seem sluggish? Does your Internet connection seem to be slow? Perhaps your computer has been hijacked and is part of a botnet. Composed of compromised (zombie) computers, botnets are responsible for identity theft, denial of service attacks, spam and click fraud. The FBI’s investigation of bots (Operation Bot Roast) has identified over 1 million compromised computers.

A strong defense is the best way to prevent having your computer compromised. This defense includes running anti-virus and anti-spyware software and using a firewall. You may also register your public IP address with Project Honey Pot. Once registered, you will be notified via e-mail about any suspicious activity coming from your address.

Operation Bot Roast
Operation Bot Roast Nets Million-Strong Botnet Operation
Stop the Bots
A Million Zombies Threaten U.S. National Security
Botnets (Wikipedia)
How to Protect Your Computer
Robot Wars: How Botnets Work


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