Social Networking

Why join Facebook (or any other social network site)?

Our students are way ahead of us when it comes to social networking. Most of the seniors started participating as freshman on Xanga. From Xanga, they migrated to MySpace and are now primarily on Facebook. For our students, the use of Facebook is a daily activity. Several students recently completed essays on the value of social networking. Below are some of the reasons why students believe social networks have value:

  • Organizing events and invite anyone on his/her friends list. This is done frequently around Seneca
  • Serve as a way to keep in touch with friends. … With a social network I keep in touch with kids that … range as far to Kansas City, Wichita, Manhattan, and Emporia.
  • Personally, I find it very entertaining to read some students in our schools interests or their summaries about themselves.
  • Can be a great chance for a person to express themselves.
  • Schools and social networking are starting to become more intertwined. Personally I have at least three classes in which we use Moodle to give out assignments, information, and other things needed for the class
  • Stay in touch with my friends and classmates … share photos and videos with them … compete with them in gaming applications.
  • Keep up with what’s going on in my friend’s lives –stay in contact with everyone I’ve met through out forensics
  • Schedule events easily … click on a link to an interactive calendar with a list of upcoming events.
  • Keep up with the music business, … I can keep track of tour dates, new music releases, and any other information they choose to release.
  • Games and other fun activities
  • When creating an online profile, people have the chance to show their best qualities and interests. They do not worry about being judged or made fun of because they are not “cool”.
  • Social networks allow people who share interests to become friends.
  • My aunt who lives in Alabama sends us photos of her children since we rarely see them. We get see how they are changing and growing up without actually seeing them in person.

Social Networks in Plain English


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