Blogs of Note

How-to Videos (on Dangerously Irrelevant) — discusses sites that host how-to videos, including a video on the use of commas

Archive of the Dec. 6th VideoConference from Pearl Harbor — includes links to videos produced during the USS Oklahoma Memorial Dedication and links to a variet of veteran’s stories

Thoughts about Educational Change / Clarification of ‘A Vision …’ — various thoughts on education in the 21st century

Mobile Digital Storytelling / Ideas for Student Research and Story Telling in 2008 — creative ideas to incorporate new technologies into projects designed to meet curricular standards

Tracking Santa — fun on Christmas eve

What IT Wants — tips on what businesses look for in a high school graduate

It Takes a Whole Village (or High School) — video about MAD (Make a Difference) program at Heritage High School

Inventing the future – link to podcast and PowerPoint slides discussing teaching in the digital age


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