Discovery Education Webinar Archives — Includes tutorial (scroll towards bottom) on how to use Movie Maker and Discovery Education’s (United Streaming) videos to create a personalized movie.

2007 Awards of Excellence – Reviews of software programs and web sites that received recognition for their excellence in incorporating 21st century skills in the classroom.

Digital Photography Contest — Although this information is for the 2007 contest, this would be a good contest for art or journalism students to enter. View the 2007 winners for ideas

Study Curve — Social Networking site for homework help.

Cyberbullying Articles

Livening Up Foreign Language – Tips on using Internet audio, videoconferencing, Flickr and other resources

Rubistar – Need to create a grading rubric? Rubistar provides the ability to quickly create a rubric using one of their rubric templates. Curriculum areas covered include science, research and writing, music, and multimedia.

Integrating YouTube Video segments into curriculum – With YouTube blocked for students, they cannot view educationally appropriate videos directly from YouTube’s site. However, teachers can make these same videos accessible to students by embedding (copying/pasting) the link in a blog, wiki, Moodle class, or powerpoint posted on the web.

RSVP Technology – Tool to improve reading by displaying text briefly, in sequential order, using a small amount of space. For those wanting to experiment with this technology, there is a free plug-in to Firefox that can be installed.

Need for Right Brain Skills – The book, A Whole Mind: Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, argues that right-brain skills – particularly creativity – are the skills that will be the skills needed by employers in the future. The author, Daniel Pink, has an online presentation at Discovery Education’s Webinar archives.

Getting Certified — Certiport offers Microsoft and Adobe tests to become certified users of their software.

Ramping Up Reading – 14 tips on how to use technology to improve reading comprehension

CITEd – Center for Implementing Technology in Education – wide variety of links to lesson plans, tutorials and other resources

Free Webinars on technology related topics – sponsored by Don Johnston, Inc.

Resources for Science Learning – Including Franklin Institute’s History of Science and Technology site

Battle Lines: Letters from America’s Wars — Featuring letters written home during over 200 years of American history

Library of Congress on Flickr — Over 3000 original photos from the 1910s and the 1930s

Mind Meister — Free online mind mapping tool that allows for collaboration. (requires user to create an ID; premium service has more features)


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