Physics Phun

Amusement Park Physics – Design your own roller coaster and then see how it rates for both safety and fun. This is just one of the Interactives available on the site

Fear of Physics – Interactive visual simulations

Football Physics – Featuring videos by Dr. Tim Gay that are produced for showing during the University of Nebraska’s football games.

Ippex Online— Interactive Shockwave physics modules covering matter, electricity and magnetism, energy and fusion. User may also operate a virtual Tokamak

Java Applets on Physics: Waltr Fendt – Physics demonstrations

Little Shop of Physics – Experiments and computer simulations

MIT Classical Mechanics– Features video demonstrations by Prof. Walter Lewin. These videos are part of Watch MIT– on-line video of courses taught at MIT

Newton’s Laws of Motion — includes graphical animation of Newton’s laws

Physclips – Animations and video clips

Physics Applets – Virtual laboratory

Physics Science Gizmos– Variety of Shockwave demonstrations covering a variety of physics concepts. Gizmos available for math and science grades 6 to college

Physics Demonstration Videos

Physics of Sports – Discussion of physics behind various sports

Physics World Teaching Resources – Virtual Physics Laboratory

Skateboard Science: Mid-Air Maneuvers – Physics behind skateboarding maneuvers on Skateboard Exploratoreum


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