Keeping Head above Water

MACE 2008 – by Tammy Worcester

Six Step Plan

  1. Organize your resources
    • Use
    • Use linked rolls (feed right into web page)
    • E-mail — learn how to use searching features / filtering options
    • E-mail — use tags
  2. Explore new strategies for teaching and learning
    • Cheating tips readily available to students on Internet — if in doubt search YouTube for “how to cheat”
    • Create assignments that reduce ability of students to cheat
    • Create assignments that allow students to be creative
  3. Join an online community (or two)
    • Include non-educational sites
  4. Bring information to you
    • Use RSS reader (google reader, etc.)
    • Set up personalized iGoogle page
  5. Find and use new tools
    • Stumble
    • Skitch (MAC only) — take screen shots and add to them
    • Jing — Windows program similar to Skitch
  6. Use tech to save time
    • Learn to use smart keywords in browsers (favorites / properties / keywords)
    • Learn to use networking features of tagging sites (

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