Learning New Skills

Do-It-Yourself Professional Development

by Cheryl McCoy – Erie (Summer Mace 2008)



Can retain teaching license (whether teaching or not) if you create your own Professional Learning Plan where individual can create own learning opportunity. (KSDE Resource — Kansas Professional Development Program Guidelines)

Can get credit for blogging.

Recommended Books:

  • The Quality School: Managing Students without Coercion
  • Professional Learning Communities at Work
  • The Quality School Teacher

Participates as n2teaching on

  • Plurk
  • Flickr
  • Twitter

Joins any learning community recommended by others in her network

Resources used (See her wiki page, Tools of the Trade)

  • Weather girl widgets
  • Voki
  • Flickr Features
    • Sign Maker
    • Widgets
  • Google Survey / results in spreadsheet format
  • Animoto – create videos from still pictures for posting on YouTube

Online collaborative projects

  • Journey north
  • Idiatrod
  • Sun/Earth Day
  • Jason Project

Be willing to experiment!


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