Finding Free Resources for the MAC

by Steve Hemphill (Summer MACE 2008)


  • OSX native application similar to MS Office
  • Opens Word documents saved with docx extensions
  • Different from Open Offic

Open Office

  • Version 3.0 will be OSX native
  • Older versions require X11 to be installed (available as extra tool on installation CD)

Google Docs / Calendar

  • Allows collaboration
  • Allows jointly managed calendar
  • Technology plan development
  • Issue – not on local computer; actual possession may belong to Google

Text Wrangler

  • Open documents not visible in other programs
  • Good for writing code — indents / color-coded text


  • Opens documents to show text when other programs won’t open it


  • Can do most tasks that Photoshop can
  • specialized version of Gimp but Gimp requires X11 running


  • Windows and MAC
  • Can replace Dreamweaver and/or Frontpage


  • 3D drawing program
  • Similar to Sketchup (Google Tool)


  • Allows use of multiple accounts
  • Opens all messenger accounts in one window


  • uses H323
  • May allow conferencing in conjunction with IDL equipment


  • allows download of files from iPod into desktop iTunes

Formulate Pro

  • allows adding text to PDF documents
  • May replace Adobe Acrobat Pro


  • anti-virus
  • Finds macro virus


  • alllows control of fan
  • Helps MacBook Pro — which seems to get warm


  • Wireless network locator

iRed Lite

  • allows use of Apple remote with computer / for projector control


  • Rips/converts movies
  • Great for getting older home videos into iMovie


  • Converts between audio formats


  • Views universe from different perspectives
  • YouTube Video – A Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan
  • Zooms out from earth seeing planets go by


  • Planetarium software
  • Can “turn off” the sun to see what the stars would look like at that time of day

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