Building Research Skills with Social Bookmarking

<a href=” >Diigo v3As a user of, I enjoy the ability to use tagging to take my favorites with me to whatever computer I happen to be using at the time. I’ve also benefitted from’ networking features as I’ve used tags added by members of my network. Because of my positive experiences with, I’ve encouraged my students to create accounts and utilize this aspect of the Web 2.0.

However, I’m learning about another tagging site, Diigo, that goes a step further and may be more beneficial for use when doing research. According to their website, Diigo offers the following features:

  • Highlighting of the web
  • Adding sticky notes
  • Searching findings from any PC or iphone
  • Creating groups to pool resources
  • Discovering quality resources on any subject
  • Getting personalized recommendations

Diigo V3: Highlights


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