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Delicious, Diigo and other bookmarking sites make it easy to move from a work computer to a home computer and have your bookmarks follow along. I started using del.icio.us a couple of years ago.

At the time, I was supporting library projects with web sites containing links to resources. Because it is much easier to add a site to Delicious than to update a web page, I transferred these links to Delicious and created tag bundles. Now, when students click on Raider Links on our (internal) home page they go to my Delicious bookmarks. The major disadvantage of using Delicious in this way is the difficulty of keeping separate personal and work identities when doing school work on my home computer. Thus, I’ve given up and only have one identity on Delicious – nvteklib.

Besides linking the browser home page to my bookmarks, I have my delicious account configured to post my new bookmarks on this blog.

After having set up Delicious, I discovered Diigo. Diigo is similar to Delicious but it allows you to highlight text on the web site. Even though I believe that Diigo has an educational advantage over Delicious, I have not wanted to spend the time transferring my bookmarks and re-organizing them. Thus, I’m still a Delicious user.

Thanks to a recent webinar on new gadgets, I heard about the capability of Diigo to connect with Delicious and Twitter.

Now, I’m switching to Diigo to take advantage of its ability to highlight and to post automatically to Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Tagging – 23 Things Kansas

  1. I read your comment on 23Things Kansas about Diigo, then found your blog. If I understand your comment and your blog, when you save sites to Diigo, you have it set to automatically save to delicious, and you get a list on your blog page, as I see here, and it also shows up in your Facebook page. One of my frustrations is having to save 3 or 4 places and then one gets left out and I am searching again. This sounds like a workable opt. Question does it update for each site or when you tell it to update or do you say save daily, as I see you have a lengthy list for several days. This would have been a wonderful tool when I was working.

    1. Once I had Diigo configured, it did everything automatically, including posting to Twitter as long as I remember to check that when I tag. I already had Delicious configured to automatically post to my blog. I have my blog connected to my Facebook account. I’ll re-find the directions on how to connect Diigo and repost them.

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