Economic Opportunity for Kansas

There is a grass roots effort in Topeka (Think Big Topeka) to bring Google’s fiber project to Topeka. They are one of several communities across the country vying for this project. If they should succeed, it would

  • Be a huge economic boom for Kansas
  • Encourage current providers to improve their infrastructure – including into rural areas
  • Provide improved access to information for all of Kansas from news outlets (CJ Online, TV stations: WIBW, KSNT, KTKA, KTWU ) – news, weather and sports
  • Provide improved access to state information including KSDE’s website
  • Increase job opportunities in the Topeka area


For more information on this project, watch these 2 short videos:


 To lend your support to this project

  • Join the Facebook group – Bring Google’s Fiber Project to Topeka
  • Nominate Topeka (short survey) –
  • If in the Topeka area tomorrow afternoon – participate in the flash mob at 4:30
  • Write your political representatives asking them to endorse this project
  • Tell your friends

 Think Big for Kansas, Think Big Topeka


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