P21 CyberSummit with Bernie Trilling

What will the world be like when

  • a current sophomore turns 20 (5 years from now)?
  • How about when a 5th grader turns 20?
  • Or when a kindergartner turns 20?
  • Or in 20 years when that newborn baby turns 20?

What key skills will be needed in this future world?

What are the key factors for success in this future world?

Digital natives (ages 11 to 30) want

  • personalized learning
  • quick access — all of the time
  • to be networked
  • to learn collaboratively
  • to learn thru creativity and/or play

American Management Association 2010 Critical Skills Survey

Creative work is becoming the need as routine work is either being done by machine or being outsourced to low-wage workers.

Teaching the 21st century learner

  • utilize problems and questions to motivate learning
  • use multimedia
  • be less helpful
  • encourage student intuition
  • ask the shortest question possible
  • let students build the problem

Notes from webinar by Bernie Trilling as part of the P21 CyberSummit (#p21cs)

Members of Partnership for 21st Century Skills


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