Thankful for Facebook

In the education community, Facebook is often a dirty word. When social networking first appeared on the scene, teens had no sense of privacy and posted anything/everything and adults didn’t understand this new form of communication. About 10 years ago, our students were very active on Xanga before moving to My Space. When Facebook opened the door to high school students they migrated there. Over the years, the students have learned to be more selective about their posts and adults have discovered Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook hasn’t lost its forbidden status in the educational community.

Fortunately, my administration hasn’t condemed the site. In fact, they’ve embraced the usage of Facebook. Over the past couple of years I’ve come to love Facebook and the connectivity it provides. For me, Facebook means

  • A personal learning community
  • Connection to distant relatives
  • Re-connecting with high school classmates – and developing online friendships
  • News / weather updates
  • Getting to know fellow faculty and staff better
  • Entertainment during a blizzard (I was a Farmville addict while snowed in last year)

Thus, I’m thankful for Facebook and the ability it provides to reach out and touch.


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