Books in Series

With the abundance of young adult books being written in sequels or series, I’m being faced with the challenge of keeping track of which series we have in order to make sure the new titles are ordered. Knowing that I couldn’t be  alone in this challenge, I asked fellow Kansas school librarians how they handled this somewhat daunting task. Thanks to the willingness of this community to share, I received lots of ideas:

  • Put numbers on the books showing sequence in the series
  • Print list from catalog and keep at circulation desk
  • Create running list in Word, sorted by author / series name of the series and titles owned
  • Create running list in Excel — easier to sort
  • Create page for each series and keep in notebook by author for student and librarian use
  • Create page for each series and keep by shelves

So, I’ve decided to

  • Continue numbering the books in a series (thankfully this has already been done)
  • Create a master list in Excel so I’ll know which series we have for ordering purposes
  • Create a Book Series page on this blog showing which series we have
  • Create a page for each series that can be printed and displayed
    • Incorporate images of book covers
    • Incorporate QR codes linking to author websites and book trailers

I’ve used Goodreads to create a shelf for the series. This separate shelf has allowed me to capture a screen shot of all of the book covers for the series. Thankfully, I had created a list (probably incomplete) of series on Friday and have had two snow days to work on this project. I doubt if I’d come anywhere close to generating the pages for each series without these days confined at home.


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