QR Codes

Have you seen these funny looking square boxes around? Do you know that they are actually a type of bar code?

These QR codes or Quick Response codes are 3D bar codes. They can be read with a bar code reading app on a smart phone and have a wide variety of uses.

The blog, QR Huh? What the heck is A QR Code? provides a good explanation of these codes and how to generate one for yourself.

So how can they be used? Armed with the website URL and a code generating site such as QR-Code Generator, one simply pastes the URL into the blank and clicks generate to create the code. The QR code can then be copied into a document.

One use that I’ve found for them is to make bulletin boards and displays interactive. By adding a QR code linked to a book trailer, those with smartphones can use their phone to quickly link to the trailer and view it. This is an easy way to teach students about this new technology. Since we currently don’t allow students to have their phones in school, I’ve had to get creative and create a ‘duplicate’ display in a public area accessible to the students outside of the school day. Thus, I’ve adopted a wall just outside of the gym for these displays.

For more information on QR codes and ideas on how to use them, check out Steve Anderson’s QR Codes in Education.


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