Somersaulting the Classroom

based on webinar by Tim Childers (via

For those not interested in doing a total flip, somersaulting may be the answer. Somersaulting the classroom is creating some instructional videos and putting them online but not doing the entire curriculum. Somersaulting would be ideal for

  • gradual implementation of flipped classroom
  • situations where students will be missing class
  • providing review resources

The easiest way to begin somersaulting is to create screencasts of short lessons. Below are some of the various tools that can be used to create a video of a lesson.

  • Smartboard
    • has a video camera — may need to customize the toolbar to add this icon
    • Click on video camera — menu appears to control camera
  • Jing
    • Computer software that records video of computer screen
    • Free download
    • Free site for screencasting
    • Requires applet install every time it is used
    • Paid version has more features
  • Flip Cameras
  • iPad/iPhone camera
    • Incorporating audio with powerpoint presentation
    • upload file as a pdf to avoid format changes
    • If want bullets to show separately, create multiple slides
    • Webcam needed to add personal picture to side of presentation
  • Camtasia – computer software (not free)

Other useful tools / resources

  • Headphones with microphone where microphone can sit below the mouth
  • Extension cable for headset (allows more movement when at Smartboard)
  • Dropbox — transferring files between devices
  • Tripod for iPhone — GLIF (available at
  • iMovie / Movie Maker — video editing
  • Classroom website — such as Google Site
  • YouTube Channel — putting videos online

Finding Help:


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