Minecraft Resources Added to Digital Library

Several Minecraft titles were recently added to the NCHS Digital Library. These titles includeminecraft9

  • Minecraft mods: what you need to know about minecraft / Secrets of Minecraft revealed
  • Minecraft: The ultimate reloaded 70 top tips & tricks your friends wish they knew after you beat them!
  • Minecraft for dummies
  • Minecraft Tips and Tricks: Top 53 Minecraft Secret Game Tips and Tricks
  • Minecraft: Top 35 Minecraft Mods You Should Know
  • Minecraft: 70 Top Minecraft Mods that Your Friends Do Not Know (But Wish They Did!).minecraft7
  • Minecraft: 140 Top Tips and Tricks Exposed
  • Minecrafter: The unofficial Guide to Minecraft & Other Building games
  • The Ultimage Minecraft Creator: The Unofficial Building Guide to Minecraft & Other Games

Books in the NCHS Digital Library can be read on student MacBooks in the browser.

  1. Go to Digital Library (linked in middle column on Thunder Bridge)
  2. Login by putting your school ID (same as for your computer) in the blank for your library number  minecraft8
  3. Enter your school password (same as for computer) in the password blank
  4. Click on Sign In
  5. Locate a desired title
  6. Scroll over the title and click on Borrow
  7. Click on ‘read in browser’ to open book in browser

Books will automatically return after 7 days. To return a book early —

  1. Click on account icon in upper right to get to your bookshelf
  2. Below title of book is a ‘return title’ button — click on this

Books may be downloaded in a variety of formats for use on a wide range of devices. For information on how to download titles for a specific device (Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.) see the files at the bottom of the eBooks page on the Thunder Bridge




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