Saying Goodbye

Today, I go to pay honor to a fellow teacher I was privileged to consider my friend, Dennis Hermreck. Until this fall, I could count on Dennis to walk by the library every morning around 7:30 and as was true to Dennis’ character, he was usually the first to say ‘hi’. As others have noted, Dennis was a man of faith, strong faith, which wasn’t checked when he walked in the doors of Nemaha Valley/Central.

Dennis joined the staff of Nemaha Valley in the fall of 2001. As others have pointed out, Dennis’ love of American history was very evident in the classroom. Dennis was a very traditional teacher in a non-traditional way. For you see Dennis lectured – but his lectures incorporated lots of imagery: mostly videos at first but still and video more recently.

Dennis was a traditional teacher in that he incorporated a lot of lectures – even with 84 minute classes. However, Dennis was a non-traditional teacher in that he didn’t use a textbook. He produced or found and sometimes purchased all of the materials used in his classes. Dennis was on the front lines when it came to technology use IF it fit his needs.

It wasn’t Dennis’ teaching methods that made him a memorable teacher but the love of his subject and his love for others thru his strong faith. For you see, it is this love that has had the greatest impact on us all.

My prayer today is that Dennis will live on in each one of us.



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