Gmail Guide for Beginners – 3 Videos

(click above link to access guide and videos)

Gmail is browser based. Thus, users need to know how the browser of their choice works in regards to tabs and windows.

Logging In

Google –
  • Login ID is email address —

USD 115 on Google —

  • Login ID is userID – first initial and last name

Mail Hints

Read Message
  • Click on message author or subject.
  • Unread messages are in bold. Messages you’ve already read are in normal type.


Reply All / Forward / Print

Delete / Archive

When you’re positive you won’t need a message, use the Delete button to send it to Trash. Deleted messages and conversations are permanently removed from Gmail 30 days after you send them to Trash. Deleting unimportant mail is a great way to free up some of your storage, but with Gmail’s free storage, you can probably keep those messages, too! If it’s possible that you’ll need a message or conversation in the future, we recommend using the Archive feature.

Archived mail moves out of your inbox and in to All Mail — you won’t be bothered with extra messages cluttering your inbox, but you’ll still be able to find a message if you need it six years from now!

New Message

Click on Compose Mail

TO — ?

Names will not automatically appear as you type them until AFTER you have sent one message to that person. You can SEARCH for them.

  • Click on TO
  • Type in first part of name
  • Select contact and click DONE

Composing Message

  • Enter subject (very important to people receiving TONS of email)
  • Click on paperclip to attach file
  • Enter content
  • Click Send (or Save Now when interrupted)


  • Look for GEAR icon in upper right corner

  • Click on GEAR to pull down the menu options

General Mail Settings

  • Language
  • Signature
  • Auto Advance
  • Conversation View


  • Auto Advance
  • Default Reply to All

Priority Inbox

Filtering Mail (helps configure Priority Inbox)

  • Select messages to mark as important or unimportant

  • Click Next Step

  • Select the filter you want to apply

Account Settings

  • Docs — Language
  • Calendar — Time Zone


  • Appear at the bottom of a message.

  • If  one clicks VIEW, the file is opened in Google Documents.
  • To print, save or download, simply pull down the File menu and select the desired option.




  • Click on Documents in upper left corner


  • Click on Calendar in upper left corner


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